The Art & Science of Reading People
By Asia's Leading Assessment Tools Provider

How You Can Read,
Understand & Profile
The Characteristics
of Anyone

Personality Profiling Assessment Designed
For Asia Using The DISC Framework
Re-designed Specifically For Asian Context

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Complimentary Video Session on:
Mastering the Art & Science of Reading People

Key Topics Covered

What You Will Discover In The Short video course

Maximising your strengths and minimising your weaknesses

Guarding the best and avoiding the
worst thing about you!

Communication the key to personal and professional success

How to speak so that people want to listen & how to listen so that others want to speak

Building emotional resilience in a world of change

Manage your emotions before
it manages you

3 Major Takeaways From
Our Webinars and Video Courses

How You Can Increase
Your Social & Emotional Competence

Increase Your Influence
& Endorsements From Others

Improve Your
Communication Effectiveness

You May Know Some Of Our Clients

As Featured On

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have further information on the video introductory course?

Yes, you can click on this link to download the preview brochure

Click Here to View Brochure

How is the workshop conducted?

The workshop is conducted through video learning.

After the video course, What's next? Are there additional courses to equip me to read people?

After the video course, you can register for the advanced or certification course. In the certification course, you will learn how to administer the profile and interpret the reports. You become a part of our networks of skilled interpreters of people.

Will I get a certificate of attendance?

We issue certificates of completion certifying you as “Certified Human Behaviour Consultant” when you successfully complete the course requirements. The certificate is issued by “Management Centre of Asia Pte Ltd”. As for the video course, we do not issue certificates.

What is the value of the certification course?

Once you are certified, you are authorised to run your own workshops in profiling. You can get access to the system portal and manage all your profiling projects. Of course, you can charge people for the profiling and interpretation services offered

How can I get started?

Simply click on the register now button to get started

Register →

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